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Unique, Optimized experience for any device

One-handed gaming experience on mobile.
Play without turning screens and use our easy, innovative betting system .
Fast deposit and withdrawal options directly from our app.
Wide and diverse game selection.

These are our products

Pokermania manages one of the largest ranges of branded skins in Asia and offers operators
a vast range of features to optimize customer retention and profitability. We will give you the
opportunity to create your customized skin to insert in the network for Free. follow our main
reasons for joining us

Works on ANY device, no download required
Our websites are built using the latest technologies with responsive design
Holdem , Omaha , Domino , Okey, AduQ, BandarQ ,Spin and Win , Tournament and more...
All-In Insurance, Emoticons, Avatars, QuickChat, Bad Beat Jackpots , High Hand Bet and more...
Pokermania provides branded skins for Asia and offers operators a vast range of features.



Our software was designed by poker experts and developed by poker software industry veterans to combine an outstanding player experience with cutting edge technology to ensure proven platform stability under the most demanding circumstances. It is available on all devices without downloading anything,

HTML5 technology

Our HTML5 clients provide your players with instant play without waiting for any download or leaving residual programs on their machines. Optimized mobile one-handed gaming experience with our innovative easy betting action. Our graphically diverse desktop client with localized themes caters to your depositing customer base.

Multi Table Online

Play on multiple tables simultaneously.
Choose your favorite Theme and Avatar.

Multi Language

Your players can enjoy Poker in English, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and other languages. Our intelligent software will instantly detect your players' preferences and use the correct language. We are constantly adding new languages!

Real Time Language Conversion

Change your client language with one click! Simply select the language of your choice from the language menu and the change is made in real time without the need to restart the client.



Our website is built using the latest technologies and is compatible on all devices

While using our website, players will receive real time updates about promotions and tournaments to encourage them to register and join the fun and games.



Our offer consists of over 10 multi-table games with different game modes. These games are packed with the latest features and promotional tools to guide your business to success.


Our current and ever expanding games offer

32 Cards
Domino 99
Chinese Poker


3 Different ways to play our games:

Cash Game



Our software offer the latest features in the poker world


Our insurance feature lets players prevent losing all their money due to a bad beat in All-in situations when they have the best hand. After buying insurance, these unlucky players will still win money even after losing their hand, guaranteeing their future action at the tables and a chance for revenge at the lucky winner.

Bad Beat Jackpot

The Bad Beat Jackpot occurs when a player loses an extremely strong holding to an even stronger holding. The Jackpot will be distributed according to the rules making all players involved in the hands significant money!

High Hand Bet

Our exciting High Hand Bet feature gives our players the opportunity to win huge prizes. Players can win up to 1 Million times their bet depending on their final combination on the river.

Tournament Money

Tournament diamonds are points credited to the players based on their generated rake or other network promotions. They can be used to pay for poker tournament and Spin & Win entry fees.

Anonymous Table

On our anonymous tables, players nicknames are automatically assigned by our system, preventing players from uncovering the identity of their opponent and their longer term strategy.


Players can select or change their favorite table avatar from a customized set.

Emotions Chat

Our funny and clever emoticons are use by players to interact with their opponents, making the games fun once more.

Hand Replayer

Using our hand replayer, all current session hands can be reviewed by your players.

Auto Re-buy

Our auto buy-in and auto re-buy feature allows players to automatically buy or re-buy their chips based on their preference or strategy.

Hand Replayer

Allows players to review their previously played hands at any time

Late Registration Tournament

Our late registration feature enhances tournament liquidity by allowing players to register for tournaments that have already started.

Marketing Tools

You will be able to use our cutting edge marketing tools to update your players about all promotions, tournaments and any other news.

Different Environment

Our diverse client user interface offers many different table environments, letting your players choose their favorite themes that they can subsequently alter and customize.


Other Services

We provide all services required to run your online poker business.

Support Department

The support department is always attentive and available to help solve problems and give explanations at any time. The customer is the key to success for this we always offer the best service.

Fraud Department

Anti-fraud Department monitors all transaction and bets 24/7 to ensure maximum security on platform.

Development Department

think about the future ... development department is always looking for new games, solutions and technologies to offer customers .

Server Department

The platform is available 24/7, the server department guarantees maximum system stability and solutions of problems in a short time.

Payment System

We offer our customers secure solutions to carry out monetary transactions with the best banks in the area. All transactions are scrupulously checked by our security and fraud department

Private Table/Tournament

The software gives the possibility to customers to organize Private tournaments and tables with awards and blinds structures customized


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