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Take this opportunity to create your own skin!

Become a partner in our poker network for FREE. Profit from our close relationships with our commercial partners that differentiate us from our competitors. Contact us now and embark on your new exciting adventure.

Four good reasons
to choose Pokermania

Pokermania manages the largest range of branded skins in Asia and offers operators a vast range of features to optimize customer retention and profitability. We provide you with the opportunity to create your customized skin and to join our network for Free. Below are the four main reasons to join us NOW!

No skin setup fee
Contact us now to get your skin for free in under one hour.
No maintenance fee for the first year
Zero maintenance fee after the first 12 months if your skin generates our minimum required rake (see our agreement for details).
Transparent network rules for all
Rakeback and bonuses are defined by the network. Your competitors cannot poach your players by offering them higher rakeback.
Only the best
We use only the latest, proven technology to guarantee an optimal playing experience for your customers.

Your Advantages

What is my profit?

The skin will earn 2.2% of player turnover minus referral cost and player cashback
Player cashback is defined as 0.5% of player turnover
Player referral is 10% of player generated gross rake in case player is referred
Temporary promotions can include an extra 10% referral bonus

What tools will I have to manage my business?

You will use our proprietary back office with real time statistics on you registered clients' activity. From the back office, you can check all information and data generated by your network in real time . Our back office provides you with game session reports (won / lost, rake generated, number of hands played ...) as well as financial reports (transactions, deposits, withdrawals ...). You will have an immediate overview of your earnings and will have the tools to contribute to the growth of your network.

What deposit and withdrawal options do we provide for your customers?

Your security is our top priority. Your payments and personal information are stored safely, and our anti-fraud team protects every transaction. Through Indonesian bank transfers you can deposit and withdraw instantly.



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